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New Patient Center

Welcome to Innate Health Chiropractic!

One of the things that sets Innate Health Chiropractic apart from other chiropractors is our active approach to health. Dr. Nick uses corrective spinal adjustments coupled with simple exercises to help you get out of pain more quickly and help your results last longer. Most patients are pleasantly surprised by how quickly they see results and are encouraged to stick with their treatments.  We want to help you feel better, heal better and perform at your best!

Your First Visit

Your first visit with us will always begin with a tour of our clinic. The purpose of the tour is to help familiarize you with our treatment areas and the specialized equipment that you’ll use for your warm-up and post-adjustment exercises.

After your tour, you’ll sit down with Dr. Nick for your initial consultation. During this conversation, you’ll share with him your concerns, your health goals, and any questions you might have about chiropractic. You’ll then have your examination and Dr. Nick will take posture pictures, to help set your treatment baseline and make it easier to see your progress.

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For your convenience, you can fill out your paperwork prior to your first visit here.

Your Treatment Begins

After assessing your current condition, Dr. Nick will begin your treatment, starting with this first appointment. You’ll begin with the wobble cushion, which is an unstable sitting surface. The cushion forces active sitting, which strengthens muscles, stabilizes joints, and contributes to better posture. A series of flexion, extension, and rotation exercises hit three planes of motion and help prepare the spine for your adjustment. Your brain is stimulated by motion of the spine. In a sense, the activity wakes up your brain to prepare it for a neurological event.

Once your adjustment is complete, Dr. Nick will have you standing on a vibration platform for five minutes. During this time, the vibration sends constant feedback to the brain. This causes the muscles that have been holding your spine in an incorrect position to relax and recognize the new joint positioning, helping your adjustment “set” and leading to longer lasting results.

If necessary, Dr. Nick will also have you complete some simple isometric exercises to work on associated muscles and ligaments. These exercises provide different ways to strengthen the muscles on either side of the curve of the spine to help shift any lateral deviations.

You should allow approximately 45-60 minutes for this first appointment.

Your Second Visit

About two days later, you’ll return to our office for a follow up visit. During this visit, Dr. Nick will discuss with you his report of findings. He’ll share with you the results of your examination and review your posture pictures.

You’ll again go through your warm-up exercises and receive your adjustment. Once you’ve completed the adjustment process, Dr. Nick will review with you his recommendations for your treatment plan. Dr. Nick refers to this as your “roadmap to health.” This is because, like a roadmap, you might have detours or changes to your treatment plan along the way, depending on your progress.

We invite you to learn more about chiropractic and how it can help you find relief and start your journey on the path to better health. Contact Dr. Nick today to schedule your appointment!

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