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Meet Dr. Nick Wegleitner

Minnetonka Chiropractor Dr. Nick WegleitnerDr. Nick Wegleitner grew up an athlete.  As he grew older, the years of playing sports began to take their toll on his body. His body was wearing down, and he had to do something to correct it.

At about the same time, a school project required that Dr. Nick shadow professionals in career fields that interested him. He shadowed a nutritionist, a general medical doctor, a personal trainer and, lastly, a chiropractor. Dr. Nick was astonished when he realized that the chiropractor was able to incorporate all the other fields into her daily practice. Dr. Nick liked the idea that, as a chiropractor, he could also talk with patients about nutrition and exercise. And, the adjustments helped him find relief from the wear and tear of soccer. He was hooked, and hasn’t looked back since.

Turning Chiropractic into a Career

After earning his undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Iowa, Dr. Nick went on to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota.

As a chiropractic student, Dr. Nick spent five trimesters observing four different clinics, which helped shape his practice philosophy and approach to patient care. He was able to observe the entire patient experience, from a new patient’s first appointment through their conversion from relief care to wellness care.

Each clinic taught him something different, and the experience was invaluable.

Paying It Forward

A significant portion of our practice is dedicated to prenatal and pediatric patients. Dr. Nick is certified in Webster Technique, which helps improve the birth experience for expectant mothers. However, he also works with a large number of high school athletes. Through chiropractic, Dr. Nick can provide young athletes with a tool to continue performing at the top of their ability, bouncing back quickly from injury. Dr. Nick can share his own experience with chiropractic as evidence of its power to get athletes back in the game quickly.

Giving Back to the Community

Dr. Nick grew up in the greater Minnetonka community and has fond memories of summers on the lake and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. He and his wife Maddy, a middle school math teacher, love to water ski and have spent many summers teaching local youth how to ski as well. He still looks to the lake for its ability to calm and center him before seeing patients.

As Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Excelsior and a member of the Lake Minnetonka Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Nick gives back to the community in other ways. He is proud of the fact that these organizations are so generous with their time and resources, lending a hand and a heart to community members. He and Maddy are also active in the faith community at St. Bart’s in Wayzata.

You can follow Dr. Nick on his blog or catch his monthly contribution to the Lakeshore Weekly News. Dr. Nick’s articles on wellness highlight everything from sun safety to starting off a healthy school year. He is also an avid reader, striving constently to stay up-to-date on the latest health and wellness topics.

Learn more about Dr. Nick by browsing our site, and then schedule your consultation so we can get to know you better!

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