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Minnetonka Chiropractor Brings Health to Our Community

Innate Health Chiropractic Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Dr. Nick Wegleitner spent his childhood on Lake Minnetonka and is thrilled to be able to serve patients in the Lake Minnetonka communities and surrounding areas. Starting with your initial consultation, Dr. Nick’s goal is to help you reach yours.

Chiropractic is a remarkable tool because it reveals the health that is present in all of us. No matter your present condition or ultimate vision for your health, Dr. Nick will help you determine the best path for you to take and will personalize a plan to get you there. You’ve found the right place to achieve the results you’ve been seeking.

Why We’re Different

Your “why” is your motivation. Dr. Nick takes the time to get to know
you and your “why.” He listens to your concerns, educates you about
options and recommends your best course of action based on what
you want to achieve. Formulating your treatment plan with your
specific motivation in mind will help you stay on track and give
you the best possible chance to achieve your health goals.

Our use of corrective spinal adjustments with accompanying
exercises helps speed results, making it easier for you to stay
motivated. Our approach also helps prime the body for a
successful adjustment and leads to longer lasting results.

Chiropractic Is for Everyone

Chiropractic is a safe and effective treatment for all ages
and all health statuses. Our patients include newborns
and ninety year olds, athletes and pregnant women.

We invite you to browse our site to learn more about
how chiropractic can change your health for the better.
Why wait any longer? Contact us today!